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IMSO Meeting Highlights Satellite Broadband for Maritime Safety
The Philippine government supports the use of satellite communications and mobile broadband to promote the safety and well-being of Filipine seafarers. Local officials acknowledge the role of satellites in keeping ship crew safe and in touch with their loved ones.

Philippine’s Ambassador to UK Enrique Manalo talked about this issue with the International Mobile Satellite Organization in London on Jan. 24. Manalo told Esteban Pacha, IMSO  director general, that such modern technology is important in keeping Filipino seafarers connected with their loved ones in real time even when they are on duty.  Minister Francisco Noel Fernandez III was also with the ambassador during the meeting.

The two officials also acknowledge the role of mobile satellites in safety administration and promotion of the well-being of ship crew. Satellites allow seafarers to connect online and use web services to communicate electronically with their loved ones. Satellites are also used to send emergency signals to inform search and rescue units of maritime disasters as soon as they arise.

Manalo also noted that the Philippines serves as a strategic location for satellite providers. During a visit to satellite monitoring station of INMARSAT, Manalo mentioned the importance of satellite communications in bringing wireless communications services in remote regions and assisting emergency rescue teams. 
INMARSAT has satellite receivers in Subic Bay, Philippines, Manalo said. The country is one  of the 97 members of IMSO. The local embassy acts as the official representative of the Philippines to IMSO. The international organization is responsible for overseeing the Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS) and the Long-Range Tracking and Identification (LRIT) system.

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